Pirate Christmas Stocking

The Pirate Christmas Stocking is a lovely collection of items suitable for small boys for you to fill into the red felt stocking supplied. They include:

  • sturdy pirate mask
  • pirate sticker activity book - jam packed with 4 pages of stickers and 16 pages of dot-to-dot, colouring and puzzles
  • 6 colouring pencils
  • wooden pirate bif-baf - the ball is attached to the bat by a short length of elastic so there is never a disruptive situation where the ball disappears! Assorted designs
  • 12 doubloons
  • pirate eye patch
  • optional sweets

NB To ensure everything reaches you in pristine condition we pack the stocking contents separately from the stocking. It will take you seconds to fill the stocking, ready to thrill the lucky recipient

Pirate Christmas Stocking


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