Creative Ways To Entertain Kids During The Summer Holidays

As we head towards the end of term it is time to start thinking of creative ways to keep children entertained during the Summer Holidays.  All About Party Bags is here to help with fun and practical solutions for keeping children of all ages occupied.  Whether it is family friendly events, games and activities, or party bag fillers and activity bags you are looking for – read on!

Outdoor Activities

With the weather becoming warmer the obvious option is to explore the great outdoors.  Trips to the beach, camping, BBQs, walks and local parks offer the perfect opportunities to have fun and exert some energy!  There are also more structured outdoor experiences to be had such as scavenger hunts, themed parties, garden festivals and sporting activities.

Outdoor Sports or Activities

Sports themed parties are great because the entertainment is really simple.  All you need is a ball, a referee and some outdoor space to keep the children occupied.  Top it off with a summer BBQ which is always a good option as it is easy to keep things simple.  With tasty burgers, delicious hot dogs, and lots of other family favourites this style of party is great for families, as there’s something for everyone at a BBQ party.  For those who don’t eat meat, fish, salads,  vegetable skewers and grilled halloumi are a winner.

Pool Party

Anything from a paddling pool to a swimming pool will keep your family and friends cool and occupied on a warm sunny day. Add some water balloonswater pistols with a few ball games and a fun event is guaranteed.  A simple water hose can also provide plenty of entertainment, check out these hose games courtesy of The Great Wolf Lodge

All About Party Bags also has some great themed filled party bags ideal for a pool party such as our Outdoor Party bag complete with water gun and balloons. Why not try one of our ready-made games of pass the parcel or other traditional games such as sack races or egg and spoon races and have some fun prizes at ready for the winners. Some great prizes can be found by browsing through our selection of party bag fillers. Add some light snacks with ice-creams for the kids and, if adults are attending the party, a Pimms is always guaranteed to give everyone a taste of Summer.  Try using this recipe from BBC Good Food Guide.

Throw a Themed Party

Popular summer themes include beach parties, festival themed celebrations, camping or water-based adventures. Decorate with vibrant colors, balloons, and banners that reflect the chosen theme. For activities, you might set up water games like a slip-and-slide, water balloon toss, or a small inflatable pool. Traditional games like sack races, tug-of-war, and scavenger hunts can also be adapted to fit the theme and keep the children engaged.

Festival Party

It’s officially festival season and people all over the country have been enjoying music, camping and spending time with friends. Despite the inevitable downpours of rain and quagmires of mud, thousands of us love every second of festivals like Reading and Glastonbury each year.

So, why should the kids miss out? Throwing a music festival themed party this summer is sure to make you a hit with your child and their friends. Here are some great ideas.

If however you would prefer to go to the real thing then be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram posts for the Family Festival 2024 Summer Calendar

Camping Party

There are so many things you can do during the Summer and they don’t have to stretch the budget too far.  A camping party offers the perfect way for children and parents to spend some time together in the great outdoors

This idea can be spread over a week, a few days or even just a day!  Pack a picnic, plan some outdoor games and head off.  Balls, Water Balloons and a Frisbee

Pirate Themed Party

Organizing a pirate-themed children’s party during the summer holidays can be an exciting and memorable adventure for kids. Start by sending out creative treasure map invitations that will lead your pirates straight to your home or a suitable outdoor venue, such as a park.   You could even use our Pirate Treasure Map Game as an original invitation! Encourage the children to come dressed up with eye patches and pirate hats.  This is where All About Party Bags can help, we stock all kinds of Pirate accessories and treasure and this includes eye patches, hats, telescopes and coins!

Smiley Soft Ball
Pirate Map Game
Tri-Wing Boomerang

Indoor Activities

On the days when it’s too hot or wet and staying inside is the only option, creative indoor projects can come to the rescue.  Arts and Crafts type activites, movies or cooking, amongst others, can provide an alternative to being outside.

Read on and explore some of the ways you can guarantee a fun Summer holiday for all the family with adventurous times to be had.

When the weather is not quite what you are hoping for it is a good plan to have a few things you can quite literally pull out of the bag! Crafting sessions where kids can make their own art projects, such as painting, drawing, or building models, can be very engaging. Cooking or baking together is another excellent indoor activity and also results in tasty treats that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, setting up a mini home theater for movie marathons can provide entertainment and relaxation.  Scatter cushions on the floor,  serve popcorn and a few hours can easily be absorbed.

Wet weather lends itself to a vast range of indoor venues.  Inside Out 2 has been released so maybe a trip to the cinema could be just the thing, you could grab some of out Inside Out door hangers to add an extra treat.  Soft Play Centres are also a fabulous opportunity for children to let off steam.  A great example is Zoomania which offers soft-play frames, Laser games, sensory rooms and climbing walls.  If there isn’t one near you then browse similar venues closer to home.  You can always consider booking a party room in play-centres,  order some ready filled party bags from All About Party Bags,  make a birthday cake and BOOM you have a party!  All that is left to do is invite some guests.

Mini Art Case
Cooks Measuring Set
Graffiti Art Activity Kit

Outdoor Party Bags!

If you’re planning an outdoor party this summer, remember to order your outdoor themed party bags in advance. We have a fantastic selection of party bags full of gifts that are great for the outdoors; including both party bag fillers and ready-made party bags!

Filled Party and Activity Bags

Whether you are planning a large birthday party, a family picnic or just having a small group of friends over for a sleepover our filled bags are the ideal way to keep children entertained.  There is no such thing as a minimum order on our site, we are as happy sending one bag as we are 100,  no order is too small.  Our party bags are perfect for any occasion and that includes summer holidays.

We take a lot of care and time when we create our bags and are constantly creating new ones based on new trends, themes and customer feedback.  If you have an idea for a filled party bag we would love to hear from you.

Each bag is put together to include items that we know the recipients will love and are most likely to bring smiles to young faces.  Amongst the most popular with our customers are the Outdoor Fun Party Bag, the Balloon Blast Party Bag and the Games Party Bag

Party Bag Fillers 

In addition to filled party bags we have a huge range of single buy items you can pick from.  Browse our site and you will find an arrau engaging activities, games, books, toys and treats.  We also stock arts & crafting activitiesword searches, puzzle books, quiz books and similar items.  A pack of colouring pencils and an activity sticker book with a pack of Haribo’s will guarantee some fun down time. Alternatively you could select from our vast range of party bag fillers and have the treats tucked away and pulled out intermittently throughout the holidays. These items can be used as rewards for good behavior, special treats for playdates, or even as boredom busters on rainy days.

Fun Time Party Bag
Games Party Bag
Balloon Blast Party Bag

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