Filled party bags: A quick-fix to gifting

Party bags are a staple of children’s parties. Young children invariably get excited seeing these. From birthday parties to Halloween to the school year to weddings, filled party bag ideas are for every occasion. A goodie bag shall ensure that attendees leave the party venue feeling content.

A good starting point

You must have come across several lists such as ‘100 must-haves for kid’s party bags. Out of these, top picks are balloons, party blowers, glow sticks, toy cars, bubbles, sweets, teddy bears, Lego miniatures, stickers, water pistols, whistles, bouncy balls and water bombs.

School party bags

The purpose here is to welcome students back to school through personalised gift bags. You can create little kits that shall fuel a stream of excitement for the school year ahead. One such idea is a pack of Crayola, a quirky-shaped pair of scissors and themed stationery items depending on their interests. You could include themed items from our ranges including Football items, Unicorn, Pirates, Princess or dinosaurs amongst others. Add to it a custom message that reads something like, ‘Welcome back, Mark!’ You can also add a ‘Back to School’ printable checklist for some fun.

Educational Goodie Bag

Here, you can get anything that spells out education. For instance, you can include storybooks, a fun facts book or even puzzle games. Put these in a nicely decorated bag, and you’re good to go.

A School/Art Kit Goodie Bag

What motivates children to return to school? Fun and friends, right? With that said, a filled party bag can include art supplies such as colourful notepads, drawing books, stickers, bookmarks and stationery items.

Eco-friendly and healthy Goodie Bag

If you want to instil healthy living right from a young age, below are some excellent ideas. Better yet, you can encourage independence and self-reliance too.

Cooking items or ingredients

While kids need not grow up to become full-fledged, professional chefs, nor might they have an active interest. Nonetheless, it helps in skill-building. For instance, you can give a wooden spatula and other essentials.

Garden seeds

Now, this is ideal for spring parties. For kids, the best bet is to choose seeds that grow fast and do not require much attention. A classic example could be tomato plants.

Eco Friendly

Plastic-free eco-friendly party bag fillers are becoming increasingly popular as we all try to do our bit for the environment.  There are plenty of wooden and non-plastic fillers that can be added to a paper party bag or box.  Items such as wooden spin tops,  wooden toys, bookmarks, biff bats, jigsaws and colouring-in activities make popular choices.

Just for Fun Ideas – DIY Flower Pot Decoration Kit

A DIY kit is an ideal way to encourage independence and creativity. Take a goodie bag with flower designs and fill it with artificial flowers. The kids then can decorate the flower pot at their homes.

Camping Goodie Bag

Camping speaks of adventure, and adventures are always memorable. One way is to fill the bag with flashlights, bug magnifiers, roasting sticks, small journals and others.

The Ultimate Party Bag

Here, you can go all out by including costume items such as bandanas, eye patches or superhero-themed outfits, and even fun party masks. To amp up the energy, add some joke and prank accessories.

Wedding welcome bags

These come in varied shapes and sizes. You can opt for a sweet, subtle gift bag for your guests or add a special touch. There is a lot you can do here, especially for those travelling a distance for the wedding.

Remember, welcome bags provide a glimpse of festivities. In welcoming the guests and offering a personalised package of goodies, you can do a lot.

In reviewing your options

Whatever route you choose, make sure to add a welcome note. Here, the couples can pen or print a thank you note for the attendees. This shall make your wedding bag even more special.

Embracing the French Vibe

Those planning a destination in the French countryside or with a French theme can go with favourites such as a fresh baguette, mini jars of jam, and a little bubbly.

For the Simple and Small

Size does not matter, but the thought does. Small does not mean it is any less special. The couple can go for mini bags with meaningful items tucked inside.

Getting into the Beach mode

Pack in the essentials. The filled party wedding bag must include sunscreen, a fan, and sunglasses. Better yet, pack them into a nautical-themed bag for an authentic feel. This is an excellent option for hosting a beachside wedding. You go a little personal by adding local foods, snacks and famed treats such as bags of chips and lobster-shaped lollipops.

For the grandeur and the elaborate

Most definitely, add a few snacks and essentials. Those looking to go past those goodies can go for something captivating. You can add a custom illustrated map to the canvas notes. Plus, if you have guests coming from out of town, you can tuck in a city guide in the welcome bag. To make it even more prominent, you can include a list of famous tourist spots around the town or locality, if need be.

The final touch

Do not fret! The crux is to add a special touch. Think of it as appreciating the attendees for contributing to the fun-filled festivity, whatever might that be.

If you are short on time or muddled about what to include, look no further. We at All About Party Bags shall make that task a simple sweep. You can check our collection of party bags