How Many Party Bag Fillers go into a Party Bag?

Everyone agrees that no child’s party is complete without a party bag, there is however much debate about how many fillers you should put in it! Much like creating the perfect recipe, the ingredients do not need to be overly complicated, and neither should there be too many, so what exactly is the perfect mix? What makes the perfect party favour for your guests to take home with happy memories of a perfect day. A balloon, a small toy and a piece of cake can prove popular, especially with younger guests. We believe that anything between 2 – 5 items, with a slice of cake, is ideal. Obviously in the eyes of the beholder, you can never have too many!

Quality not quantity

One important thing to remember when creating your bags is that you don’t have to overfill them. The options available to you are endless, and consequently, they can become overwhelming, with this comes a temptation to add lots of bits. You have a choice of filling them to the top with items that invariably don’t get played with or adding a couple of nicer well-considered fillers. At All About Party Bags our experience tells us that less is more, and quality fillers win over quantity. One or two quality fillers are far less likely to end up lost or broken on the car floor. Consider a toy, game, or activity, add some bubbles, tattoos or stickers and a small bag of sweets to create the perfect party favour. Alternatively, select one more substantial item that will stand the test of time and can be used again and again; a book is a fantastic option that works for any party theme.

If you are still unsure what to put into your bags don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. Sit back, relax and search through our extensive selection of Party Bag Fillers. All About Party Bags have done the hard work for you, you will find plenty of inspirational ideas on our site.

Party Themes

If you have a particular idea in mind, browse our site by filtering onto a relevant theme and selecting items within the chosen section. All About Party Bags make this job easy as we have eight of the most current trending genres awaiting your arrival. From Superheroes to Princesses, Football to Fairies and more generic themes such as Smiley & Emoji, we have ideal party bag solutions. Alternatively, you could select a theme based on a particular interest, sport, or colour. If you have a specific area of focus it makes it far easier and less time consuming when selecting fillers and you are less likely to add too many random items.

If it is a themed party you are throwing, you could consider the following:

• Pirate party: pirate telescope, black eye patch, gold coins
• Princess: princess jewelled tiara, princess sticker book, princess crayons
• Football: football jet ball, winners medal, whistle
• Dinosaur: dinosaur 3D puzzle, dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur jigsaw
• Unicorn: unicorn bracelet band, unicorn stationery set, unicorn bubble tube
• Smiley Emoji: smiley emoji snap band, biff bat, smiley punch balloon
• Superheroes: superhero glider, superhero spinning top, superhero balloon

Content Inspiration

If you have decided to go with our suggestions, you could select something from the following categories (all of which are amongst our best sellers).  Pop in a tattoo, sweets, an activity book and/or a toy or game – hey presto, you’ve just created the perfect bag.

Temporary Tattoos…

These are a fantastic addition to any party bag, and at 10p each come at a budget-friendly price, in lots of fun designs.  These are an ideal way of savouring the moment as they last for several days, and they are readily removed with soap and water.

Sweet surprises…

Who doesn’t enjoy a packet of sweets?  Whoever you are creating party bags for, everyone will appreciate a sweet treat!


A simple and effective party bag that in turn keeps everyone occupied could be a game, puzzle or activity book.  Select one of our Activity Sticker books containing puzzles, colouring, dot to dot and stickers.  These are available in an abundance of titles and when paired with colouring pencils, sweets & bubbles provide a fantastic and popular favour.

 Toys & Games

If it’s the perfect toy or game you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place.  You will find hundreds to choose from, to suit all budgets with items starting from 5p, at All About Party Bags.  You could leave it to the expert and get the birthday child to select the items for you!

Pre-filled Party Bags

If you find yourself short of time and still can’t decide on which fillers to have then let us do the job for you.  We have created party bags full of the right fillers whatever the theme is that you have chosen, you will find hundreds of options to suit all budgets available at All About Party Bags.  Simply search your chosen topic, browse the options, click away and have them already filled and delivered straight to your door.

Whatever the occasion you are celebrating whether it is a birthday or something else, you will want to give your guests a treat to take home.  There are plenty of additional items that can be added to our Party Bags, if there is a particular item you prefer simply add them to your basket, leave a note on your order and we will add them to the bags for you.

If you’re searching for party bags, goodie bags, loot bags, or gift bags for a birthday party, wedding, or any other type of festive party/celebration, visit our online store.

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