Make This Christmas Better With these Christmas Bag fillers

How do you want your children’s Christmas party to be this year? Do you want it to be the same predictable party as last year, or do you want to add some more life to it? If you’re thinking about the latter, then there is no option better than Christmas goodie bags or stockings and filling them up with sweets or other types of fillers.

With a Christmas bag filler, you can add more life to the party and make it more thematic. Yes, we know that there is no theme on Christmas better than Christmas itself, but when it comes to kid parties, it is better to do something exciting and make it a party to remember.

You can make goodie bags on your own or select a ready-filled one for Christmas from All About Party Bags to free up some time.  Whichever option you decide on, you’ll need Christmas fillers, and here are some of the best filler ideas to keep in mind.

Top 12 Christmas Bag Filler Ideas

We’re dividing the Christmas bag ideas into three sections. One for small kids, one for food, and one for older kids.

Let us start with the best Christmas bag filler ideas for little ones.

Christmas Bag Filler Ideas for Little Ones

Christmas Sticker Sheet

Christmas sticker sheets are great fun. They are colorful and stylish, and their shapes help bring out your kid’s creativity. And as they run around the party pasting the Christmas tree, Snowman, Santa, or Reindeer stickers all over the place, it will make your party a lot more festive. And when the kids leave with the bag, these stickers will make excellent additions to their rooms, fridge, or notebook.


Ask one kid if they like squishes, and you will see them raising their hand and asking for one. Christmas squishies are rare, so how about the next best thing: Dinosaurs. Squishy Squeeze Dinosaurs are soft and feel good in all hands, and they have colorful jelly beads inside to make the squish even more delightful.

Okay-doh Containers

If you’re looking for a creative filler, you can’t do better than a mini play-doh. These malleable toys take any shape and are good playthings for kids once they are done enjoying the party at your home. Just place a couple in the Twinkling Santa Cellophane bag and let them enjoy it.

Silicon bands

Kids love bracelets, not only because they find them stylish but because it lets them run wild in their imagination and make them think they are power rangers. Also, having a couple of Christmas silicon bands as a Christmas bag filler won’t put any holes in your pocket.

Bouncy Balls

Something is amazing about bouncy balls or crazy jet balls. These are popular among all ages, but little kids like them more than anything. These jet balls are great if you want your kids to have a lot of fun while at the party or home and are also great for garden play.  There are lots to choose from including smiley neon balls, unicorn, evil eyes or a Christmas themed one.

Christmas Bag Fillers That are Food

From candy canes to chocolate coins, Christmas themed food and treats are key ingredients to getting the party started. Here are some of the best Christmas bag filler ideas for food you can buy at the store or whip up yourself.

Candy Canes

We must have given you a spoiler alert for this one, but Candy canes are perfect to put inside a Christmas bag. Just wrap them properly, so they aren’t sticky before you put them inside. These are almost-hard candies, so you know they will last long. And if you’re on a budget, a candy cane bag is a great choice.

Christmas Cookies

From home-cooked gingerbread cookies to raspberry cookies, thumbprint cookies, the options for cookies you can add to a Christmas bag are many. Whip up a huge batch and store them in the freezer. Take the batch out when the party ends and put them in the bags. Kids will be munching on their way home and will return with glee for your next Christmas party.

Mini Marshmallows

Ever had a mini marshmallow as a kid? The sweetness quickly puts a smile on my face. Create packets of 10 marshmallows and put them in the Christmas bag. You can buy them in bulk at a discount from your nearest departmental store, and you are good to go.

Mini pies

Staying true to the mini tradition, a mini pie is a great thing to add to a party bag. Cook up a batch in advance and store it in the freezer in advance, though; you don’t want the grease to mess up the Christmas bags.

Christmas Bag Filler Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Let us now come out of the kid zone and jump into what you can do for teens. Now teens are picky. And if they are part of the zoomer club, you have to be careful about what you provide. But the best part is, here, you can show off your creativity when choosing the fillers.

Here are four best ideas for Christmas bag fillers for tweens and teens.

Candy Cane Lip Balms

Standard candy canes are great but get the teens a lip balm; they will feel better. These are perfect for helping them to smoothen their lips through the winter season.

Christmas Fuzzy Socks

If you’re someone who likes to knit socks for the kids, then a Christmas bag filler is the perfect vehicle to show them your love. Teens will feel great as they open the bag and look at those nice and snuggly socks to help them during winter.

Christmas Tree Fridge Magnet

When in doubt, give them a magnet. Christmas tree fridge magnets are perfect if you want to do more than stickers but less than complete decoration. Pack 5 Christmas magnets in the bag and send the teens on their way home.

Make your Christmas Party Truly Your Own

If you want your Christmas party to be more thematic, more stylish, and more memorable, Christmas Party bags are a must. While not necessary, these party favors will flavor your Christmas party with more life based on the right fillers. Visit All About Party Bags and take your pick of the best party bags, stockings and fillers to get started.