Outdoor Party Ideas and Fun Party Bag Fillers

Outdoor Party Ideas and Fun Party Bag Fillers will get your summer party off to a flying start.  Let your kids stretch out and run around. Let them embrace nature, mind, body, and sound. But children’s outdoor parties don’t always have to be chaotic. Yes, you can leave them to their toys, and they will pick something creative to do outside – why not opt for party bag fillers?
From sketch pads to get their artistic gears running to coloured crazy balls that turn every physical activity into a great workout, party bag fillers have always been creative when it comes to creating themes – and now it is time for you to use them to jazz up your kid’s party.

But first, You must pick a theme

Parties only happen once in a while as a way to reward your child while making them productive. You can’t waste their time. A party needs to be fun, organised and should carry in itself a lesson that your kids carry with them for the rest of their lives. That is why your first course of business is to pick a theme.
How to pick a good theme for your party? Well, what does your kid like? Do the pirates get them giddy? Or do the Cowboys get them to say” yeehaw”? Or, if your child is a bit more nerdy and thinking about space gets them to imagine all the ways they will be travelling among the stars? Pick any one theme, and stick to it.
Read on as we use those themes to turn a simple outdoor party into an experience that they won’t soon forget.
Juggling Balls Set

7 best outdoor party ideas for your kids

Scavenger hunt

Few know the thrill of treasure hunting. The excitement of exploration and the happiness on a kid’s face when they finally find their treasure is something that imprints on your brain.
Start with a theme first, and spend at least one day setting up the hunt. Give a party bag to every participant and send them on the hunt. As they fill their bags with clues that they will then use to decipher the treasure, their experience partying will be more valuable than the feast they get after it.

Summer camp

No, we are not talking about taking kids to the woods and letting them face nature. While that is also a good idea, a party must be fun, not a battle for survival. So this Summer Camp has a different beat to it but the same theme. There is still fire, smores, and huddling around the campfire and sharing stories – the only difference is that instead of rubbing wood to make fire, your kids will learn to develop listening and sharing skills.

Fishing party

Those who say fishing is boring are those who have never fished before. They don’t know the thrill of anticipation, of waiting when the fish takes the bait, and of the excitement when you rush to reel the catch in. Well, with a fishing party, you can inform the kids about the excitement that comes with fishing.
But instead of a lake, it would be a baby pool, and instead of fish, there would be candies wrapped inside a cellophane. Even though things will be fake, the feeling will be the same. And you won’t have to worry about any water-related mess too, and kids will be happy.
You can also make this party even grander by getting some fish-themed party bag fillers like a fish-themed colouring book or fish-themed snack – like a goldfish cracker.

Olympic games

Teach your kids the value of sportsmanship and healthy competition with this particular theme. You can start by setting up an obstacle course in your garden or a park that’s beside your house (if it doesn’t have a jungle gym) and let the kids compete. To stay true to the ethos of the Olympics, don’t stop at one game. Start small with games like racing, and escalate the difficulty of the sports as the party draws near. For prizes, a gold foil-wrapped chocolate will do for those who get the first prize.

Water party

If you want the kids to scream, “what a party,” organise a water party—no need to go big. Get a sprinkler in your garden and break out the artificial rain. Let the kids dance. And if you can afford it, get a small slip-and-slide with an inflatable bathtub at the other end – an instant water park.
And if you want things to be more athletic, grab a beach ball. It is the perfect party bag filler.


Who doesn’t love a game of football?  Split your guests into two teams and don’t forget to include all parents.  Add the perfect finishing touch by giving everyone a pre-filled Football Crazy party bag to take home.

Starry night

Not all kid’s parties outside have to be about physical activity. For those space-loving kids that want to become the first people to land on Mars, there is nothing more beautiful than gazing at the stars and naming constellations. And with their parents – you – beside them – they will feel energised, believing they can reach the stars. As a party bag filler, you can use a faux telescope – or a real one.
Football Crazy Party Bag

Make your kid’s parties even better

There is no creative theme that you can’t play around with when you’ve got a kid’s party to organise. But you can jazz up with party bag fillers. Reach out to All About Party Bag Fillers and organise your next popular party with style.