Party bag fillers: An excellent return gift

Parties are nothing without the people. They are all about creating memories. And given the social media frenzy, uploading and sharing them. Back in the day, cakes and a balloon were all that parties had. Today, children expect a bag of goodies and takeaways, at the least.

Deciding on your party bag fillers

With endless ideas, permutations and combinations, getting them right can be daunting. The deciding factors are the occasion, the theme and the age group.
There are several party bag fillers that will not break the bank. For simplicity, you can put all your ideas into three huge sacks: The usual, the innovative and the breakthrough.

The Usual Ones

These are the first strikers, the classics – they come first to mind. These party bag ideas have been around for quite a long time.
The mini-games party bag
Go for games that make the day extra special and full of energy. You can go old-school with Checkers, candy land, Pop-O-Matic Trouble Game, Ludo or even snakes and ladders. These games are a big hit even today!

The toys party bag

With Marvel and DC comics in the mainstream, it is a no-brainer that kids will adore their superhero comics. If you have not spent sufficient time with your children or know their favourite superheroes, this is a great time to start. Some popular ones are Doctor Strange, Iron Man, The Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

While Pixar created its Toy Story, the kids can create theirs!


The colouring Books party bag

Cheap yet highly effective – a book with a small set of pencils are excellent for kids. So, if you are addressing a crowd, you can tie them and label each set with the child’s name.

The personalised journal party bag

This one is awesome and wholesome for older kids, say age 12 and over. A personalised journal and a set of pencils shall enable them to record and pen their thoughts and feelings. For better engagement, include pretty stickers or stencils. 

The water bombs party bag

These are excellent for pool parties and to play around in the backyard or garden. It is also ideal for bringing in the summer celebrations. Youngsters, especially, will ‘go bananas’, rejoicing to fill them up and throw them around. 

The Innovative

Innovative gifts are not restricted to creative giveaways but also well-thought-out ones.

The storybooks party bag

A thought-provoking and well-intended gift across age bands! There is no age for reading, be it kids or adults. Just make sure to go for books that are shelf worthy.

The eco-friendly party bag

In this one, you can offer plant pots and seeds. All you have to do is put these packets into pots and present them to your guests. 

Here, the kids can also engage in gardening work with their families. Seeing the plants grow will enable the family to reminisce about the gathering. Also, plants are excellent shelf displays that augment the vibe of the living space. 

Emoji-themed goodies and giveaways party bag

For kids, you can go for a set of bouncing balls in a variety of designs as you know Kids like to jump and play around, and these shall keep them occupied while the parents get their chores done. For adults, you can go for emoji themed cups and saucers. 

The Breakthrough ideas – The DYO (Design-Your-Own) T-shirt party bag

You can play this game at the party. All you have to do is purchase plain, white t-shirts (of different sizes) and fabric pens. This shall encourage the children to bring out their creative streak. By this, they get to take their fashionable creations back home. 

Also, you can take this to the next level by making it a contest. Children can take pictures and share them on WhatsApp or other groups. You can then put them up for voting. And the best ones can get a special prize as well. 


Joke or Prank accessories

Another breakthrough idea is gifting prank accessories. You can go for the classic whoopie cushion. There are several other prank items like the fart bombs and the lunch bug  Also, you can build your prank kit.

The baking party bag

If you are squat on funds, you can go simple with a small bag of cookie cutters. However, if you are looking to go upscale, you can include aprons of different sizes, spoons and jars full of ingredients.

A word of caution – enquire about any allergy issues beforehand.

Another idea is baking personalised gingerbread cookies as a party activity. You begin by baking a batch of people-shaped gingerbread before the party. Make sure to have plenty of differently-coloured icing tubes. Now let the kids ice their gingerbreads to look like themselves.

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While partying is fun, gifts are a valuable takeaway, do not go overboard. Do not overfill the party bags or include anything noisy or projectile-designed. Given the sustainability and climate change conversation, avoid plastic party bags. Go for paper or fabric ones instead.

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