Party Bags for a Rainbow Themed Party

There is something phenomenal about rainbows. Weaving together the seven main colours of the sun, these natural artworks bring creativity out of the best of us. That is why rainbow-themed parties are such a hit with children. Pushing together disparate colours without thinking about cohesion, these parties can be as creative as you want – but only if you are willing to go the extra mile and add a party bag.

With party bags, you can retain the theme of your parties throughout the occasion. Read on as we deconstruct the best rainbow-themed party ideas to look forward to this year.

Making the invitations more inviting

There is no party without guests, and there are no guests without invitations. So show your care about the themes of your party in your invitations, make sure you give your child rainbow-themed party they will remember.

And when we are talking about invitations, we are not talking about the simple one-liner that you add to your invitation card, saying “Theme: Rainbow.” You must embrace that rainbow spirit and put it all over the card.

Be creative; there are many rainbow-themed party bags that come with a rainbow-themed invitation card. Additionally, if you want to do something truly customised, you can simply craft yourself a rainbow-themed invitation card.  Create your card, print it out and then distribute it to your favourite people.

Getting the rainbow themed decorations right

There is no rainbow party if the ambiance of that party does not strike you with all seven colours at the same time. However, people often think that creating rainbow-themed parties is easy.

Just slap a bit of colour here and there – make it look like a rainbow – and that’s enough – that’s the idea that goes inside the mind of many.

But the reality is that rainbow-themed parties have a lot more nuance. You need the right selection of colours and the right selection of items to get the full effect. Use multi-coloured paper plates, confetti, and multi-coloured rainbows, and balloons to create the perfect look. And remember to take a look at our site for more fun and colourful inspirations.

Rainbow themed food

Let us follow the most difficult part of a rainbow-themed party to the easiest – food. Rainbow-themed foods are mostly sweet (always sweet). If you want to maintain your party’s budget, fill your bags with gems or Skittles, and you will be done. Your party theme will be saved, and your spirit will be retained.

And since every kid likes sweets, your party would be an instant hit. But if you want to take a healthier approach, Rainbow Fruit Kebabs are equally amazing.

That said, having only sweet stuff in your rainbow party is very “mono flavored” isn’t it? You need a rainbow of flavors, too – which is why there is nothing wrong with dabbling into savory stuff.

For healthy savory stuff, go with a rainbow salad. A bit of tomatoes, peppers, and coleslaw will be great. You can add onions for that extra tinge of flavor.

But if you want to take a more party-like route – which means giving some room for unhealthy snacks, you can go with Fryums. These are old-school snacks but have great taste.

Alternatives can be rainbow cupcakes, lollipops, and more.  A firm favourite at All About Party Bags is the Rainbow Layered Cake,  we love this one from BBC Food recipes.

Choosing the right rainbow party games

You will find the most use for your party bags at this phase. You want the kids to enjoy party games without running around and going wild – which they would be naturally inclined to do. But with the right party games, you can have them sit around creating and giggling.

The best rainbow party bags come with crayons and colorful play dohs to get that creative part going.

And they will present you with a fun activity you can share with your kids.

There are also cardboard tube rainbow blowers that you can look into. Every kid at the party can have one of their own. These are fun.

Get Creative With A Rainbow Themed Party

Rainbow-themed children’s parties are easy to pull off. But if you want to add a bit of nuance to that, you need to bring some creativity yourself as well. Take the party ideas we gave you in this article and use the right party bags to get them to life.