Party Planning – The Basics of Party Bag Fillers

When planning a child’s party, one of the most challenging things can be deciding on party favor’s. As a parent, you want the kids to go back home with return gifts that they enjoy and will use whilst also not costing an arm and a leg.

Enter party bags! Kids love them and they are perfect to help your little guests remember your party longer. But the question is, what do you put in them? Keep reading to find out!

What is a party bag filler?

A party bag filler is exactly what the name suggests: an item that fills up a party bag for children. It is a small gift given to each child who attends a birthday bash or other special events. Party bags are designed to give the kids something fun to open with their friends after your little one’s big day!

Party bag fillers have been around for decades now — so long, in fact, that etiquette has sprung up around them over time. So, there’s a certain level of expectation associated with them. If you are struggling to narrow down your choices, here are a few party bag filler ideas that will help you organise an even more memorable party!

Party Bag fillers Are Fun and educational

When it comes to great party bag fillers and gifts, remember that children are always going to want something fun. However, if you can offer them something a little more educational, there can be nothing better because not only will it be something that the children will like but also what their parents will.
There are plenty of ways that you can include an educational element into your party bag fillers. You could include a puzzle, an activity book, or mini-board games – these are wonderful because they can keep young minds occupied for hours on end!
You can also get creative! If you are having a themed party, you can consider opting for themed party fillers. For example, if your child’s birthday has pirates as its theme, then why not give out chocolate gold coins or pirate hats and give the kids an opportunity for associative learning?
Of course, themed fillers may be slightly more expensive than other options, but they will be much loved by the children as they are likely to remind them of the party for longer. Now that’s an extra tick in the box as far as entertainment goes.

Don’t overfill

A common mistake is to overfill the bag. Yes, party bags are all about fun, but they should also be about convenience. It may seem like a good idea to give the children more, but you have to consider how much they can carry. Do not overstuff your children’s party bags with toys, trinkets and sweets; they will have so much already that they may feel overwhelmed by it all and end up not remembering even one filler.
Besides, you need to ensure you treat all bags equally. Make sure not to let anyone child have a lighter bag than their friends as it could cause distress and make them feel left out.

Similarly, make sure that the quality of the party bag itself is sturdy as you don’t want the bag breaking due to its heavy contents and all those amazing fillers getting strewn on the floor.

Quality above quantity

It goes without saying that quality is better than quantity. You want to choose party bag fillers that kids will love, so avoid the temptation to buy cheap items that break easily and don’t provide much fun for kids.

Here’s the difference between a good party bag filler vs. a bad one:

● A good example of a quality party bag filler is a set of Magic Growing Capsules, which come in all manner of shapes from dinosaurs to flowers, butterflies and sharks. Kids can drop them in water and watch them magically grow up to 15 times their size within a few hours. It is engaging for children as it allows them to be involved in the activity. Plus, the capsules are colourful, making them one of the most popular party bag fillers today.

● A poor example of a party bag filler is a small plastic toy or piece of candy. You can buy lots of these for cheaper than the quality alternatives, but they invariably break or get lost very quickly. Not only can they leave the children disappointed but also make it easy for them to forget their party experience!

Take this as an opportunity to teach

Want to go the extra mile? Teach the kids about something that will be of value to them. For instance, you can choose to promote all-natural, eco-friendly party bag fillers to teach children about the importance of being eco-conscious.

To do that, choose items made from natural materials like rubber or wood that can be recycled easily once the novelty has worn off. How about a cuddly soft toy that’s made from organic cotton? Or how about a wooden toy that is completely biodegradable, so no additional toxic chemicals leach into our landfills? There are plenty of ideas; all you need to do is put on your Sherlock hat and go searching.

If you can keep your little guests’ minds occupied with something appropriate and fun, there is no way that they will forget your party.

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