Spooky Halloween Party Bag Fillers

The day is coming when Pumpkins will be placed outside our homes to fend off spirits, and children will go out in their spooky outfits (or superheroes) to collect candy from people also enjoying Halloween.  But what happens at the end of the day?  Do your kids just come back home to enjoy their “candi-ed-treasure”?  Or do you organise a party to give them a spooktacular fun evening they will not forget?  If, like many, your idea is the latter, then you need to level up your Halloween parties with Halloween party bag fillers.

Why Do You Need Halloween Party Bag Fillers?

The real question is – why do you even need a party bag? Can’t you cook something, play music, and get the party going? Well, if you’re looking for a standard  party with only ok memories attached to it, then go ahead!

However, if you want to add more jazz to the party, you can only do so if you add more flair. And to have more flair, you need to inject some fun and colour; for more colour, you need to add themes.  And when Halloween is the theme, why settle for a simple party,  this is the ideal opportunity to get spooky and party in style.  Add some spark with activities and party bags to keep everyone entertained – including the adults!

You can have Set Activities in Your Party

The “anything-goes” approach is chaotic. Kids love it, but they get bored after some time. And then, all they will have is a sugar crash from all the candy they’ve been eating, after which they will sit on the side. You don’t need that. With preset activities, which you can organise with the help of Halloween party bag fillers, you can give them something to do for a long time.

Energetic activities and party bags.

Let’s not joke about it for a second – Halloween candies are sugary delights that are amazing on the lips but tough on the stomach. And all that sugar rush is not good for everyone.  When you have a bunch of kids with nothing to do after trick or treating, they will treat themselves with mouthfuls of eclairs and other candies that will only serve to make them tired and cranky.  Do something a little more lively and inspirational instead.  Turn up the music, play some active and energetic games and get creative with your Halloween bag fillers.  Browse All About Party Bags fabulous Halloween ranges,  you could even grab yourself a ready wrapped Halloween Pass the Parcel which has a prize in every layer to keep all your guess occupied.

Top Halloween Party Bag Filler Ideas to Add More Spook To Your Halloween Party

Bag fillers not only provide things to do at a party, but they also can make a party better. Here are a few ideas of party bag fillers for Halloween that you must try.

Halloween Tattoos

The children step outside. Their make-up is amicable. Their custom? Great. But after a while of running around, the rush and sweat take over, removing the make-up. The spooky factor is there, but it is now also dirty. The shapes of skulls that they painted on their faces have distorted. They have turned something that could give adults a bit of scare into something akin to the “Jolly Roger” from One Piece. Tattoos can help. Skin-safe, easy to apply, and comes in various designs. These tattoos, big or small, can make a party better. These tats might not always be available in large shapes, but they look cool and do the job right.


Stickers are cool – regardless of what people say. Their colours and the fact that they can stick with anything can be fun for kids. With these party bag fillers, you can create arts and crafts sessions at your Halloween party. Or, if you’re looking for a more old-school approach, tell them to take it home and stick it on their lunch boxes or bags.

Halloween Balloons

Why not create a party where you can let kids contribute to decoration? Make the party venue simple, and then whip out the party bags so that kids can play and put decorations around the house the way they want. It makes children feel more responsible and included while they are having fun.

Cellphone Cone

Another good party bag filler idea is the cellophane cone. You can either buy them or get down and dirty in the DIY session. Bring some cellophane and let your imagination turn wild. You can create a witch’s hat with it or go with a Smurf’s hat if you want something simpler. Highly customizable and handy, these party bag fillers are for those who want to get creative without spending a lot.

Glow in the Dark Spider

It’s time to take the spook factor to another level with this glow-in-the-dark spider. It is not only good as a decoration but is a good tool for a Halloween-flavored hide-and-seek game. Ensure you only buy it for kids if they have reached their pre-teens. If the kids are little, these can end up in their mouths.

Dracula Fangs

Nothing is better than enacting the world’s most famous vampire – Dracula.  Multi-coloured Dracula fangs are good for dressing up, party games and of course Trick or Treating. Keep them in the dressing-up box for next year!

Make your Party Better with Halloween Party Bag Fillers

You need party bag fillers with the right flair so people can have fun and great memories to take home with them.  Come to us and learn all about party bags at our store, make your Halloween party bigger, better and spookier than ever before.