Unicorn Party Bags have become a popular choice for birthday parties and this trend is set to stay.

Unicorn Filled Party Bag

Did you know that unicorns are beautiful, magical, smart, and capable of conquering evil with their single horn? Well we have news for you, they are!

These unicorn party bags and fillers are the perfect way to add some sparkle and colour to your party! Our themed fillers will provide you with simple solutions towards magical and colourful party favours. Click here to browse our full Unicorn range.

So, carry on the fantasy with our Unicorn Party Bag Fillers. You’ll find plenty of ideas for how to make a unicorn party bag unique and fun. We know it can sometimes be difficult to find something new or different at a wedding or baby shower perhaps the magic of unicorns can help make your day so much more special.

Make your own magical fun party

We all love games, and unicorn games are especially fun.

Unicorn Playing Cards

Do you love to play cards? If yes, then you must check out our collection of rainbow unicorn playing cards. We’ve got everything you need to make a unique and charming card as a gift for your kids, friends, family, or yourself. Add stickers to your card sets to make your own unique card set.

Unicorn Pass the Parcel

Who doesn’t enjoy this traditional game that provides a prize for all!  What better way to keep everyone happy with this time-filler?  Our ready-made Unicorn Pass the Parcel is wrapped beautifully in your choice of 10, 15 or 20 layers with one themed gift to be discovered in each layer.

You could also consider one of these brilliant and unique Unicorn Birthday Party Game Ideas as provided by ‘Parties with a cause’

Top filled party bags & party bag filler ideas:

Provide your guests with glittery, colourful surprises! Create your own fun party bag with our wide range of unicorn party bag fillers.  If you are short on time you could always consider our ready-filled Unicorn Party Bags.  We have a collection of glittery rainbow unicorn party bags that will make your party season complete. These are the most beautiful bags to ever grace the occasion, and they’re made only of love.

Unicorn Colouring Mug & Puzzle Book Party Bag

This party bag is perfect for those who love colouring and puzzles. Make a colouring page or a fun, sequenced puzzle out of your favourite items. The more intricate, the better!  Once you’ve designed your page you can add a few details to make it perfect for the occasion. We recommend adding some glitter to the page for an extra sparkle factor. Feel free to add some stickers too.

Unicorn Stationery Bag

What’s better than a utility party bag? A bag that doubles the fun for kids! How could you possibly go wrong with that? You can add some more colourful elements from our unicorn party bag filler range.

Unicorn Sticker Party Bag

Colours, notebooks, stickers, and pencils! We got you covered with everything that is required to make your kids happy. The unicorn sticker party bag consists of all the amazing party bag fillers—a unicorn sticker activity book jam-packed with stickers, colouring, dot-to-dot, puzzles, and 3 unicorn tattoos. You can always add more fillers like a cute unicorn eraser, unicorn gliders, and unicorn bubble tube.

Glow-in-the-Dark Unicorns Party Bag

If you love to create arts and crafts, you’re going to love these unique rainbow unicorn party bags. This bag is a must-have for any themed party. It’s going to look so charming in your party bag and will surely be a conversation piece. Planning to make a magical gift for your guests? You can’t go wrong with a rainbow unicorn party bag. These bags are inspired by the most beautiful animals in the world, and they will surely make any event memorable. Get ready to be amazed.

Fun magical surprises:

Add the magical punch to your unique parties by creating your own party favours. Select your unicorn-designed bag and then fill it with a variety of our unicorn party bag fillers. They all are unique in their own ways. You can create the most creative, strange, and fun party bags!

Unicorn Activity Filled Box

What’s better than a pile of party favours in a cute box? Add some colour and fun to your life with an activity-filled box! Activity-filled boxes are a great way to get your party guests involved and thinking about activities for the event. You can expect to find games, puzzles, crafts, and silly activities in these boxes. Let your guests create their own party favours by decorating their boxes. Put your creativity to the test by playing a fun activity that your guests will love.

Unicorn Loot Party Bag

What’s better than a party in a box? A party in a loot bag! These are the perfect gifts for the party animal in your life. We love the creativity and variety that you can expect to find in a loot bag. Add some quirky elements to your loot bags, like a unicorn stamp and bouncy unicorn ball. Pick a fun activity and fill the bag to the brim with equally fun items.
Unicorn Design Bags

Your party guests will need a bag to carry their party favours home and we have a selection to choose from. Whether it is a Unicorn loot bag, paper party bag, handled paper bag or a more extravagantly decorated gift bag you are after, you will find them all on our site. Once you have chosen your bag you can fill it with loot; some of our most popular Unicorn Fillers are listed below to help you:

Unicorn Colour-in Jigsaw Puzzle

Are you looking for an eco-friendly plastic-free option?  These jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to create a unique keepsake that will brighten up your day, they come in a printed envelope and will keep your guests occupied.

Unicorn Note Pad

Make your parties memorable with this cute unicorn notepad. Kids will love to keep this magical unicorn notepad in their bags. Even adults will adore this notepad to keep their goals, thoughts, and everything important. Get a pack of unicorn pencils and crayons to complete your set.

Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorn tattoos are a great affordable addition to your bags,  at only 10p they are a fun way to remind your guests of how much fun they had at your party!  They will last a couple of days and when the time comes they can be easily removed with soap and water.

Unicorn Bubble Tubes

Bubbles are a must-have when it comes to a gift for lucky guests.  These provide a good old favourite with a twist,  a cute tube available in 3 colours sealed with a unicorn head.

Unicorn Accessories

If you are looking for a gift that will stand the test of time,  there are plenty of items that can be mixed with a tattoo and bubbles to create a bag full of items that can be used again and will be cherished.  Keyrings, Bracelets and Bands are always popular.

Buy your Unicorn Party Bag Filler Today

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to add a little magic to your party, consider adding a unicorn party bag filler. There are endless options when it comes to fillers, and you can choose from many different designs and types. Whether you’re looking for a handmade unicorn party bag filler, a personalized unicorn bag holder, or a unicorn party decoration, we at All About Party Bags care about making your party that extra special, so if you need any help or assistance please do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01604 595537