Fun Party Ideas For Toddlers Involving Party Bags

Fun Party Bags for Toddlers start here and we can help you prep your baby’s birthday party.  What are you thinking of getting your toddler? Something amazing, we hope. But more important than only getting gifts is to give them a party that helps you create memories that you can rejoice about for a long time.

And there are a lot of fun ideas to be had when you are spicing up your party with a party bag. However, coordination matters, which means taking care of everything from what the theme of the party will be to what you put in the bag. You can’t put expensive trinkets in there, considering they would self-destruct being part of the party. What you need is a concoction that your little critters appreciate and have fun with – all while making sure that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Bag of Animal Books Party Bag

What to put in a toddler’s party bag for a kickass party

Your party bag will set the mood for what your toddler’s first parties will be like. However, it is also the right time to instill valuable lessons in them, like reducing wastage and using and taking care of things that are available in the bag.

Another factor to remember is that you are dealing with kids here, which means much of what you put inside the party bag will always end up inside a kid’s mouth – non-toxic craft supplies are a must.

Let us now dive in and help you find the best goodie bag ideas depending on your kid’s age.

For toddlers that are only a year old

At only one year old, all your kid can comprehend is a cackle and a spoonful of cereal that you “choo choo” train inside their mouth. So, going big on party bags for a one-year-old kid is not something we would recommend.

So, go with simple things instead. Small toys like the following will make the goodie bags that much fun.

  1. Pouch of puree – Baby food doesn’t taste good to adults, but for babies, it is a treat that they can’t get enough of. Get a puree pouch that toddlers can suck on and enjoy tasty treats.
  2. Rubber duck – This one is also suitable for adults. A rubber duck is an excellent companion when the baby plays inside the bathtub. And kids are fascinated by it. The duck floats across the ocean, which is the tub that matches your child’s imagination.
  3. Car party bag – Let them enjoy playing with toy cars and stickers are loved by the little ones, our stickers in this party bag are not one to be missed
  4. Easy to hold crayons – Crayons can be tricky, not because your child would find it difficult to draw at the young age of 1, but because they can just as easily end up in his mouth. So, get non-toxic, easy-to-hold crayons. But make sure that you are always around your kid at the party – just to be safe.
  5. Plush Animal – Soft, supple, and mini Winnie the pooh is often the best choice for your child if you want to give them something truly safe.

If you want your one-year-old Toddler always to be engaged, having the above fillers are great.

For Toddlers that are two years old

At age two, curiosity emerges, and kids are extremely creative. Feed that creativity with party bag fillers that lets you watch while the kids fiddle with the goodies to create something amazing.

  1. Jigsaw puzzle – Jigsaw puzzles for toddlers feature large, simple and colourful puzzlepieces that are great for keeping them engaged and entertained
  2. Washable markers – Creativity is supercharged in kids. But you can’t let them run wild unless you want every spot in our house to look like modern art after the party. So, the answer is washable markers. Kids will play around with it however much they want, and then you clean up the drawings easily.
  3. Play-Doh – Play-Doh can become anything if you put your mind to it. It is a perfect toy to entice the creative mind of your child. Be warned, though; there is a fair chance that the toddlers might want to eat it. Consider investing in eating-safe, non-toxic play-dohs.

A goodie bag for a three-year-old would be the same as this one. But since their creative centers will become more powerful, you can put more creative things inside the bags.

How to use the goodie bags to have a great party

Now that you have an idea of what to put inside a goodie bag, it is high time you start thinking about how to use them to throw a toddler-focused party.

  1. Craft things together which are both fun and educational. You don’t want to miss the chance to teach your kids whatever chance you get. So, sit down with them and start crafting things together. If you want to go for intellectual property, bring out the coloring books and let your kid’s imagination run free. But if you want to spice up the moment and make your party look more like a party and less like a classroom, bring out the old shirts and start doodling on them. Kids will copy you.
  2. Let the kids be kids – if you want to give your kids an interactive environment at your parties, there is no harm in stepping back for a bit. Just open the goodie bags of every Toddler coming to the party, give them a seating area, and step back. Make sure you have a camera on hand because the stuff you see may be magical.
  3. Add a bit of music in the mix – That “baby shark to do to doo” nursery rhyme still rings in our heads to this day – and it is the perfect toddler party anthem. Turn on the music, give the kids hold of the party bags, and watch them wave their arms around in delight.
Toddlers Party Bag

Make sure that your toddler’s birthday party is also safe

A toddler’s birthday party is a delight, but you must make sure that they are safe at all times. At “All About Party Bags”, you get a wild collection of colorful party bags with child-safe fillers.

So, don’t wait and shop for the party bags to make your kid’s next birthday a ton of fun.