How to Plan A Party On A Budget

2023 has hit all of us a bit differently and after New year people are looking to save a few pounds in the upcoming months,  many of us have had to budget around our party plans as it’s just getting so expensive.

But does that mean we should give up and just hope for the best?  Or maybe we could look for the alternatives available to us – like party bags – and plan a party on a budget so that the party is still amazing – but costs less.

If you’re like most, you know that having a party on a budget is far better than having no party at all.  Read ahead on how to plan a party on a budget whilst keeping the party bags which are a big part of it.

How can party bags help you have a great party even on a tight budget?

You can’t just let things go wild when you’re running a party with a theme. You need to keep everything under control and ensure everyone enjoys the party in an organised way;   a  pre filled party bag can help with that.

Every party is tied to a theme, and every party bag is thematic. It contains everything you need for the activities to do at the party and ensures that everyone has a great time. While you need some level of creativity – but when you’re planning a party on a budget, planning the party is half the fun.

Another big reason why party bags are such a hit among those who don’t want to overspend on a single day is that they allow you to do a lot more with a lot less.

Take a large balloon, for instance. You can buy a set of these – big and small – and put it inside the party bag.

There are other creative things that you can do with a party bag for other parties. But party bags are just a small part of this equation, you need to factor in other things as well.

Farm Sticker Party Bag

Tips for throwing an amazing party on a budget

Don’t have a large guest list

We could have said to keep the guest list small – but when the budget is your focus, you have got to make some tough decisions and that requires keeping the numbers down.  Ensure that you don’t go overboard when it comes to the number of guests you invite to your party.

Having a small party might mean you don’t have a big extravagant bash, but a small party will give you a non-stress feeling and result in a fun gathering with close friends.

Design your own invitations

You’d think that a simple WhatsApp message is enough in this day and age where everything is digital  but you do need to put some effort into creating invitations.

However this doesn’t mean you have to spend money on it. Use your own creativity and create a custom design that fits with the theme for your party.  Add the flare of your party theme to the card so that your guests come fully prepared,  they may even surprise you and get dressed up for the occasion.

Take the printout of the design and paste it on a craft sheet. That’s it, the job is done and there is no need to spend a lot of – or any – money on invitation cards when you create your own!

But, if you do want to add a little jazz to the invitation card you could think about putting the card inside a Simple Smiley Party bag.

Use the same theme from the last year

So, suppose you used a jungle-themed party last year for your kids. Next year, you could be completely different and for example choose a wooden watch party bag for your guests.  Use the fillers like wooden watches, colours, and numbers to make use of the same underlying theme but make the party more unique.

No need to organize a party outside your home

Unless you’re holding a party extravaganza,  you don’t need to throw a big bash outside your home.  Just make some adjustments to the furniture; move the table to the side, and the dining chairs to the corner, and make a lot of room for the dance floor.

Following that you can add decorations and you are ready to go.  Having a party at home will cost you a lot less than it would elsewhere.  The most you would be spending money on will be some decorations and refreshements,  thanks to the budget friendly party bag options we have online,  the party will be affordable and memorable.

Fill the party bag with homemade treats

If you want to do something really special you could go a step further and add homemade treats to your party bags. There is something about sliding your hand inside a party bag and finding neatly packed homemade cake or tasty treats.

Don’t go with the traditional party

Checking out all the parties everyone is planning this year will get your heart racing. “Wish I could have the same level of the party” – you think to yourself.  Well, you can go one step further and add some originality.  There are so many ways to add your own personal touch to your party and  including unique party bags that no-one else has thought of is a perfect solution.

Parties are important, but that doesn’t mean you have to go over your budget.  So, while parties and celebrations are always important, you can do much more with a lot less if you’re willing to let your creative wheels go in motion.

Everyone is budgeting this year and parties are no exception. Use the versatility of party bags and combine them with your creative powers to throw a party this year that is great, affordable, and memorable.