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If you’re organising an Easter celebration for your family and friends you’ll need some fantastic party decorations, you’ll need to prepare some delicious party food and refreshments, and of course you will need some amazing party bags and Easter themed party bag fillers.  Our Easter themed ranges also give an exciting twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt, substitute chocolate eggs for some extra surprises.

The All About Party Bags online store has a fantastic selection of treats and small gifts to help you get creative with your celebrations and to WOW your guests.

Easter Party Bag Fillers

Easter Party Inspiration!

If you’re in need of advice and inspiration for an Easter party you’re in the right place! Here are a few suggestions for Easter parties including party games, ideas for delicious Easter party food, and a few recommendations for gift bags and Easter Hunt prizes to use for your celebrations.

Suggestions For Easter Party Games!

There are lots of fun party games that you can play at Easter. For example, you could enjoy an Easter group activity such as egg decorating, or you could organise an Easter egg scavenger hunt! Additionally, with a bit of creativity, you could add an Easter theme to an existing party game, for example you could play an Easter version of Tag with the person who is “it” having to wear a bunny mask whilst other people run away from the ‘Easter Bunny’.  Perhaps you could organise an egg and spoon race and use painted eggs to give the game a personalised Easter theme.  Another creative activity you could consider is All About Party Bags Make Your Own Easter Pet  to produce your very own Easter Bunny or Chick,  it’s easily done, no folding, sticking or cutting required.

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Suggestions for Easter Party Food!

With regards to food and drink for an Easter party, there are lots of choices. You could for example serve some delicious hot cross buns, or you could make some Easter cookies and chocolate Easter egg nests adding a chocolate mini-egg or two on top!
If however you are more interested in creating some Easter themed drinks  perhaps you could serve a cocktail and a selection of alcohol-free options for children.  A tasty and healthy Springalicious Easter smoothie from Healthy Kids is a great treat for everyone or how about trying this carrot and orange juice recipe that comes from My Fussy Eater.

Suggestions for Easter Themed Party Bags!

If you’re planning on making your own gift or party bags for children celebrating Easter, you’ll need some fantastic fillers, gifts and treats to put inside the bags.

All About Party Bags have lots of party bag fillers to browse through on our online store, these include a selection of themed products especially for Easter celebrations and parties!  For example, you could include some wonderful party products such as an Easter Biff Bat, or maybe an Easter Chick Balloon Kit, Easter Bunny ruler, or save yourself some time and purchase a ready-filled Easter Fun Party Bag.

Easter filled party bag
Easter Bag
Easter Deluxe Party Bag

Party Bags and Fillers From The All About Party Bags Online Store!

If you’re searching for gift bags, goodie bags, loot bags, or party bags for an Easter party, birthday party, wedding, or any other type of party/celebration, visit our online store.

We have a fantastic choice of products to choose from including party supplies from a variety of different themes ranging from unicorn and princesses to pirates and superheroes.
If you would like to create your own party bags, you can browse through lots of wonderful gifts and treats in our selection of bag fillers, however if you would like to save time, you could browse through our collection of pre-filled bags. We have some great inspirational ideas on Pinterest too and we would love you to follow us.

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