• wet skin and press down for 20 seconds
    • designs selected at random
    • 4cm x 4cm
    • 12 tattoos shown at 10p each
    Browse our full Unicorn range with lots of fun party bag fillers to select from  
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    • ideal party bag fillers as well as arts & crafts
    • 10cm x 11.5cm
    Browse our full Unicorn themed range
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    • perfect party bag filler for unicorn lovers
    • topped with an eraser
    • 3 pencils shown at 20p each
    Browse our full Unicorn range
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  • Unicorn Note Pad Item Details:

    • useful little jotter
    • an assortment of unicorn designs available, selected at random
    • 9.3 x 5.5cm
    • 3 notebooks shown at 30p each
    Browse our full Unicorn range of Party Bag Fillers
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  • Item Details:

    Glow in the Dark Unicorn
    • available in a variety of collectible designs
    • self adhesive and glow in the dark
    • randomly selected from pink and white and assorted unicorn shapes
    • 12p each measuring between 5 - 6.5 cms
    • these are also available in box sets of 24 for £2.00
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    • assorted colours selected at random
    • 11cm
    • 6 tubes shown at 30p each
    Also available in Dinosaur design
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  • Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle Item Details:

    • children can bring their Unicorn to life with this 25 piece puzzle
    • 3 designs available as shown, 40p each
    • 13cm x 13cm
    Browse our full magical Unicorn range
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    • one size fits all
    • 22cm x 3cm
    • 6 colours / designs available, selected randomly
    • 6 shown, 40p each
    Team up with other Unicorn themed fillers in the range
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    • 35mm unicorn stamp
    • self-inking so keep in your pencil case for quick access!
    • 4 designs selected evenly when ordered in multiples
    • 2 stampers shown at 50p each
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  • Unicorn Eraser Item Details:

    • a colourful and unique stationery item
    • packed in its own little cellophane packet
    • 5.5cm
    Hundreds of other Unicorn themed items available
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    • Unicorn themed bouncy ball
    • 3.3cm in diameter
    • available in 4 designs, selected at random
    • 3 shown at 60p each
    Browse our extensive range of Unicorn themed party bag fillers
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  • Unicorn designed loot bag containing:
    • unicorn snap band (designs vary)
    • unicorn sticker sheet
    • unicorn pencil with an eraser on the end
    • 2 unicorn tattoos
    Also available in a Superhero version  
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Choose from our wide selection of Unicorn Party Bags & Fillers

Unicorn Party Bag Fillers provide solutions for a magical and colourful trend that will never tire.  The fillers we offer at All About Party Bags provide the ideal opportunity to cover a variety of different birthday party themes.  Additionally, Unicorns have become an extremely popular choice for parties of late and we expect this trend to be with us for some time.

Our party bag fillers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and themes. Sweets, activity books, games, teddies, and toys that can be themed by whatever the event may be. Whether you have Unicorns, Princesses or Fairies in mind, the range of choice is almost endless!

Significantly, Unicorns are a fantastic choice for a variety of different birthday party themes.  So if your child’s party theme includes fairy-tales or magic a unicorn themed party bag is a wonderful way to make your party a memorable one.  You can transform your party and make it a magical experience with our on-trend unicorn ranges. We have a variety of stickers and puzzles and toys for your guests to take home and enjoy. As well as these, you will also discover a variety of containers to put them in. Importantly we have plenty of empty themed and colourful bags in addition to gift and food boxes that are available on our site.

Creating your own themed party is easy with All About Party Bags.  Why not set up the perfect kid’s birthday party table with our selection of plates, cups, and napkins. If you need inspiration, you could enchant your guests with our unicorn readymade party bags and make your job easier. Explore and shop our ranges by theme, price, and age.


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