The Best Party Favours for the Best Summer Parties

The sweltering heat can be draining, but somehow, it never dampens a child’s energy.  They still want to frolic, they still want to party, and they still want to connect with their friends. But too much heat can be enough to keep them inside and that’s where our summer party ideas come to your rescue. By using the best party favours for the best summer parties you can add a theme to your party ideas and use them to keep the kids energised, whatever the heat.

Best summer party ideas to beat the heat

The theme of summer “colours” and a desire to stay cool are great inspirational factors for your party bags.  With these party ideas, you are going to make the best of both of them.

Go simple with the retro style

Nothing beats the retro style.  The colour combination, the music, the dance, and the playful attitude – parties that carry themes of a ‘blast from the past’ are truly memorable.  Get some summer party bags for kids and fill them with crayons, activity books and water balloons.

Use these as your party tools to keep the kids’ energy up as they run around playing games like musical chairs, tag or other party classics.

And if you do not mind the mess, let the kids go wild with some water-filled balloons. Be mindful, however, as your supervision may be be needed if the party turns out to be more lively than you had planned!

Go with a character party

Summertime often coincides with the release of many superhero movies. Last year, we had an onslaught of Marvel movies to go around. While some of the recent ones haven’t been great, their themes still resonate with kids.  Barbie is a huge hit right now,  our Princess party bag fillers are ideal for this theme.  We love these ideas from Pinterest for throwing a Barbie party.

So, even though Halloween is months away, you can go to a character party. Grab some cotton sheets and carve them up as costumes for your kid’s favourite superheroes. Use super-hero-themed party favours to spice these parties up. All About Party Bags has a great choice of Superhero party bag fillers; the more of them you have, the better your party will be.  If time is tight then opt for our ready-filled bags and let us do the work for you.

Step outside and go to the beach

There is also so much potential for some fun to be had on the beach.  Step outside, plan a tour of the beach and organize some games for the kids. You can go with three-legged races, relays, sack races, and more.  You could even use our winner medals as prizes!

And with the right party favour, you will be doing kids a huge favour by giving them the thematic tools they need to make the games even more fun.

Go Pirates with your summer party theme

Where there is summer, there is the beach; where there is a beach, there are seas, and where there are seas, there are those who sail them singing shanties as they plunder loot and have fun.  Use our swashbuckling Pirate party bag fillers as hidden treasure!

Welcome this summer in with a great summer party and pick up the best party favours for the best summer parties.

Grab some tools and make a boat-shaped picnic area. Turn blankets into sails and beanbags into floors. Use a wooden scale to make the rudder, and pour some white paint over a black cloth to make the skull and bones.

Nothing comes close to the freedom your kids will feel with these themed parties. It may start to fell a little extravagant, but at the end of the day, it is for the kids and it is about creating memories.  Also, you can make use of the balloons in your party bags and use them as cannons for your party.  Make it stylish, make it snappy, and make it fun for your kids and yourself – that way everyone gets to enjoy the occasion.

Arts and crafts party

Not every party needs to be bombastic.  Trade running around for the serenity that is brought on by colouring books.  Grab a summer-themed note-pad and give it to kids. Let their imagination fly in their artworks.

But do not stop there!  Go to the great outdoors and let the yellow sun cascading over the horizon energise their creative gears. Let them get inspired by their surroundings, and let them get messy. It is summer, after all.

Organising an under the sea party

Your kids might be too young to remember Finding Nemo, one of the greatest under-the-sea adventures ever made. Of course, the adventure then went inside the aquarium, but the openness of the depths of the sea was still a site to behold.

With the Under the Sea party, you can make your kids experience it all. Find your hidden treasures from childhood and let them become your tools to decorate for this theme. Use blue sheets to accentuate the sea, use fans to make waves on that sheet to simulate the waves of the sea and turn a little room into a party fort – sea-themed.

You can also go deeper into the sea theme by going to a paddling pool.  Use the sand pit and organise a treasure hunt while kids wear sea explorers’ costumes.

Supercharge your summer party with All About Party Bags

If your mind starts to get creative with a party idea, party favours can help further by materialising it within the themes.  At All About Party Bags, you can grab the best party favours for kids to supercharge their party spirit during summertime,

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