What To Put In Halloween Party Bags?

The glitz of Halloween is just around the corner. Children will be out looking for trick-or-treating to ensure they have the most candy.  But when it is Halloween, being thematic is key. You can’t go around thinking about superheroes, making your party look like a comic book convention.  You need to have a good time arranging your party,  you need fun,  you need activities, and helping you achieve all that are party bag fillers.
Halloween Party Bag Fillers

Why should you choose party bag fillers for your party?

Here are the reasons why you need these for your Halloween party:
Halloween is not like the other parties. It is not only about candy and pumpkin carving (although that’s an important party) and fancy dress. It is about the theme of horror, the love for the grotesque and the beautiful.  In other words, it all surrounds a particular theme. Veer away from this even a little bit, and the sheen is lost. Party bag fillers will help keep you on track.

Ensure a fun night for your children

One of the issues with organising a thematic party is the lack of activities. Which ones to pick? You can’t just go around and tell your kids to just run around in the park and play, making horror noises. It would be fun, but after a while, the novelty will be lost and you’ll have a bunch of kids sitting around getting bored wondering what’s coming next. With the right Party bags, however, you can the very thing up your sleeve, fun activities and themed gifts. These can be as creative as you want or as modest as you want. With your imagination as the limit, the number of activities you can have with the right party bag fillers will be more than enough to keep everyone fully entertained.

It will help you maintain a budget

Keeping your budget in line when you’re arranging a party is not a cakewalk. Precision is important, style is a must, and being able to be organised is paramount. Without organisation, it becomes a matter of trial and error. And when you’re trying new things when the party is on, you’re wasting time on doing unfun things that the kids won’t appreciate, and you’re wasting money trying to come up with something to redeem your party. Party bag fillers will help you get out of this losing deal. Pick the right theme, get the right party going, pick the right bag filler, and start having fun so that your wallet doesn’t feel any burn.

Best Party Bag Filler Ideas for Halloween

You know the why; now is the time to discuss the what. Here are the party bag fillers to make your Halloween party a night to remember.


Let us start with the most obvious and the lowest-hanging fruit. Candy is fun, candy is love, candy is sweet, and for kids, it is the soul of the party. Why not put a bunch of candies inside a party bag to ensure that they don’t get lost trick or treating? Also, with a candy-filled party bag, you will make that kid’s day, who will feel like he has the right start of the night of Jack O Lantern. Be careful, though, and always check with the parents about any food allergies.


Stickers are symbolic fun and don’t take a lot of room inside a party bag. Check out the online stores to find the best vogue stickers for Halloween this year and prepare your party bag fillers. Do you want to make those stickers play a good role in your party? Pick a theme, and get stickers based on them. Start a collage project with kids where they will put together their stickers in creative ways. It will sate their creative appetite and give you a party to be proud of.

Foam Masks

What’s Halloween without a mask? Granted that you’d expect kids to show up at your party with make-up and masks of their own, but there is no harm in adding a thematic flair to your party, is there? You can check out a lot of thematic masks available online. They are skin-safe, and wearing them is easy. And if you’re willing to be more creative, tap into that DIY trove of goodness and make cool masks on your own.

Bat Rings

Think of a dark corner of the room around, where a hidden cave is. What’s missing from this picture? Bats. Complete these themes by adding bats in the form of bat rings. From simple black to adding a colourful zest, bat rings look cool and feel cool. You know the kids are going to have fun with it.

Vampire Teeth

Another cool addition to your Halloween party filler could be vampire teeth. Simple and straightforward, this Dracula-themed party bag filler will give your kids the right thing to add to their “scariness.” Them running around, hissing, this party bag filler is simply nostalgic in all the right ways.
Halloween Snap Band

Slap Bracelets

We have gone too far into the deep end of the theme. Let us step a little bit with slap bracelets. These cool bracelets will make your party shine and give kids something to remember the night by. Available in different designs and widths, think of these bracelets that give your child the feeling of being exclusively invited to a party.


There is just something about Glow Sticks that makes kids want to hold it and shake it to bask in its light-based effects. Most of them would be imagining themselves to be a SkyWalker from Star Wars. It is also great to shine a light on the custom.

Craft Materials

Pencils, erasers, and bookmarks – they might feel like you’re taking kids back to school, but they give something useful to the kids that they can use the next day. Put these into your party bags, too.

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