Celebrate In Style With Colourful Pride Party Bag Fillers

The month has arrived to celebrate the diversity of love. And what better way to do that than starting a great party that covers all the colours of the rainbow? But to fuel the party the right way, you need party bag fillers. And for the right party bag fillers, you need the right themes on the lock.

Read as we look into the different types of party bag fillers to help you celebrate that pride month in style.

What to keep in mind when choosing pride themed party bag fillers

When you are celebrating pride month, your party bag fillers should match the party bags. You must carry the theme inside and out so that the spirit of that rainbow colour wherever your party. So, the most important thing Is keeping the rainbow theme.

The second important factor is the scale of the party. Are you going with something low-key to celebrate your love discreetly? Or are you looking for something that people talk about for a long time? Your choice will decide the type of deco the party bag fillers would have.

The third point to note is the cost. Pride month is the time to celebrate inclusive love – so you want to be more inviting too. We are not saying that you can’t have a more exclusive party – but the party becomes more colourful if everyone can feel welcomed in it.

Keep those in mind as we follow the rainbow into the best party bag fillers of these times.

Neon Party Bubble Tube

Party bag filler ideas for a pride party

Be mindful of the themes as well as personal tastes as you make the right pick among the party bag fillers that we are listing here.

Pride games bundle

If you want to add a game-like flair to your pride parties, a pride party games bundle is just what you need. There is no physical activity involved here, just some pride-based brain teasers where you can organise LGBT trivia, match pride icons, match pride quotes, and a lot more.

This is for those who are looking for something low-key.

And these game sheets will look good inside rainbow party bags.

Glow bracelets

Nothing can beat glow bracelets when you’re having a party. These glow in the dark bracelets are ideal for the whole family and for any celebration but are perfect for those night parties, they would also add a lot more colour if you are partying during the day.

And these bracelets glow up to 8 hours which means you can party in style.

Neon Alice bands

If you want to get the theme of your pride party down to a tea, fill those party bag fillers with neon Alice bands. Let your guests wear it and have a sense of belonging and camaraderie as they hang out with each other..

Pastel rainbow hearts

Imagine a layered heart, with each layer being a rainbow colour. Layered hearts are great party favors. And they are good conversation starters as well. Drop them inside your party bag and let your guests decorate their tables, or take them home to put on walls.

And much like love knows no bounds, rainbows don’t need to be of standard rainbow colour. You can customise these hearts however you see fit. You can put one above the rest or pick a different set altogether.

Rainbow seeds

If you want something truly high-tech as well as still accessible, check out rainbow seeds. Rainbow seeds are designs, and they also cover fonts. You can download them, put them in a Word file, and customise it however you like. Take their print out and put them inside a party bag.

It is a minimalist pride party filler, which you can customise to your liking.

Smiley face maracas

If you are looking for something that looks playful but also affordable, check out smiley face maracas. If your friends happen to be musical, these party bag fillers are very practical additions to your pride party.

And their mould and style will give your party a slightly rustic charm if you want this pride party to appeal to more than just rainbow lovers.

Neon Headband

Unique party bag fillers for Pride month

Style, substance, and a dash of the rainbow – that’s what this month is all about. You need to have the party to set everyone in a celebratory mood.  But not every celebration needs to be too bombastic. These party bag fillers we have discussed have a subtle touch. They play to the themes of this pride month – and give you a reason to keep celebrating.

Check out the Festival & Pride themed party bags and fillers at All About Party Bags for further inspiration.