The Best Party  Bag Fillers For Christmas & New Year

Party Bag Fillers For Christmas & New Year are a must. Have you started planning for the party yet? Yes, it may be too early.  Stocking and bag fillers are what’s in vogue and these ideas will add life to your party.

But with so many ideas, which ones will suit your needs best? Let us dive in and look at the perfect stocking fillers for kids, adults, and those that appeal to everyone.

Party Bag Fillers For Christmas & New Year for your kids

Kids are easy,  all you need is some fun and creativity.  Try these five party bag filler ideas that are fitting for every kid – emphasis on the “every”:

Christmas paper laser

This super fun stocking filler will keep the little ones entertained for hours. Christmas paper lasers are brilliantly simple and retro. Flick the paper laser and it shoots out to a metre long and then automatically retracts. Great fun throughout the Christmas period 


For kids that want something more party-like for their Christmas party, glow sticks are fantastic stocking bag fillers. They come in multiple colours and with connectors so they can be easily worn as wrist bands.

Also, these bag fillers are loved by adults too, which is why we have recommended this one this Christmas season.

Christmas sticker activity book

Always consider giving gifts that let the creative juices flow. If you want something like that, Christmas activity books have got you covered, jam packed with stickers, dot-to-dot, colouring and puzzles, this is sure to keep the kids entertained. You could also use these as a competition prize – or a competition itself.

Teen Party Bag Fillers For Christmas & New Year

Picking the right stocking filler for teens requires a fair bit of finesse.  Our top three stocking fillers for this group are:

French manicure set

Make the stocking filler more valuable and memorable with a French manicure set. Simple in design, this set comes with three x 5ml polishes and tip guides. Simply apply base coat, mask with tip guide and apply white tip and finish by applying top coat. It is perfect for at-home mani.  You could even consider holding a spa party, followed by a movie and a sleepover. 

Glow in Dark Loomband Kit

Make your creations shine in the dark this Christmas with a glow in the dark loomband kit. Your teens will have creative fun for hours with this kit, 300 glow in the dark rubber bands, 12 clasps, hook, and instructions. A perfect party bag, stocking filler or gift for a teen. 

Girl’s Pass the Parcel

Remember that no-one is ever too old for games and when it comes to stunning prizes everyone will play for sure.  All About Party Bags iconic ready made pass the parcels come in an abundance of themes for all age groups,  our girl’s themed one is just perfect of teens.

Girls Pass the Parcel

Best party bag filler ideas for everyone

To have something that appeals to people of all ages, you have to be a bit more calculated. Here are the top three stocking filler picks that you can get into.

Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

If you want something in the bag filler that the whole family can play with, you can stuff it with a cool, small jigsaw puzzle. It will work well as a pastime and as a decoration over the Christmas period. 


For those looking for something to wear, earrings are good for girls of all ages.  All About Party Bags have plenty of jewellery if it’s not earrings you fancy,  anklets, necklaces and bracelets are in abundance on our site.

Christmas colouring book

A Christmas colour book is a good pick for everyone and the whole family can get involved. Colour the pictures with colouring pencils, paints, pens and more, transforming each one in your own special way. When you’ve finished personalising each one, you can display your vibrant, colourful pictures, and use them as decorations.

Match the right fillers to the right occasion!

While you can appease little kids with anything, with teens, you must be a bit more precise. And for adults, form over function should be your concern.

We hope you now have some insight into these stockings and bag fillers. Head to All About Party Bags to create your unique party bags with our helpful inspirational ideas.